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Swiss miniature polychrome decorated musical alarm timepiece

    Swiss miniature polychrome decorated musical alarm timepiece


    The 1960s

    Bueche Girod.
    Music movement by Reuge

    Glass, enamel, metal alloys; painting, gilding

    2.9 cm in diamter
    1.5 cm thick

    Inscription on the dial: "Bueche-Girod".
    Signature on the movement: "Bueche-Girod". On the music movement; "Reuge St.Croix Switzerland"


    Miniature polychrome decorated musical alarm timepiece, in round case decorated with blue enamel with painted gold stars, with corrugated back lid, which is perforated to amplify sound, and winding handle for the music movement. The watch has two winding crowns, labelled “M” (to wind the movement and set the hands) and “S “ (to set the alarm hands).

    Blue enamel dial is adorned with painted gold leaves. The hours' scale is divided into 12 units with black Roman numerals, each is inside white cartouche. The hands are pierced and gilded.

    The movement is jewelled, with a balance wheel with adjusting screws, lever escapement, shock mount of the balance wheel shaft, music movement with cylinder and comb, minutes' and seconds' indication, the alarm setting.


    This watch is a masterpiece of Swiss micro miniature mechanics; it is the world's smallest watch with an alarm and music box that plays at the pre-set time. The watch can be used both as a pocket watch or a table clock.