Pocket Watches

Skeleton pocket watch with a quarter repeater and jacquemarts

    Skeleton pocket watch with a quarter repeater and jacquemarts

    Switzerland, Geneva

    circa 1815

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; embossing, engraving

    5.6 cm in diamter
    1.0 cm thick

    On the case lid: "H&I", "1515". On the movement lid: - "551"

    Skeleton mechanical pocket watch in round gold case with corrugation, two lids, a repeater lever in the shape of a hub with a ring, with jacquemarts on the dial. The dial lid is smooth; the movement's lid is engraved, "Remontez a Gauche".

    The front side is an enamel disk with two dials: minutes' scale, divided into 60 graduations, and hours' scale, divided into 12 graduations with Arabic Breguet numerals. The hours' scale numerals and graduations are black, and Breguet hands are from blued steel. Certain parts of the movement are visible; two figures of cherubs of multi-coloured gold are above them. They are holding the hammers and striking the bells. Half-figure of a cherub with arrows, attributes of love is in the lower part of the dial. The repeater, when triggered, sets in motion the cherubs' arms with hammers.

    The movement with a balance wheel, verge escapement, powered by a spring with fusee, and a quarter repeater on two gongs. The watch is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.