Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with calendar and automaton

    Pocket watch with calendar and automaton


    Circa 1815

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; painted enamel

    5.9 cm in diamter
    0.7 cm thick

    On the case lid in lozenge: "JM"


    Mechanical pocket watch in round silver case with corrigation, smooth lid and decorative hub with ring.
    Enamel dial with the painting of the Eden Garden inside medallion in its upper part; it shows Eve offering Adam the fruit she picked from the tree of knowledge. Images of a stork and a lion are to the right and to the left. When the watch is winded, little snake starts moving around the medallion. Small dial with three scales is on the dial bottom part: minutes' scale, divided into 60 graduations with Arabic numerals; hours' scale, divided into 12 units with Arabic numerals, and the scale indicating the months with Arabic numerals as well. The numerals and graduations of the hours' scale are black, the hands from golden (minutes' and seconds' hands) and from blued steel (months indicating hand).

     A keyhole for winding the watch and setting the hands is on the dial. The movement with balance wheel, verge escapement, spring with fusee, hands indicating hours, minutes and month.