Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with a minute repeater and carillon

    Mechanical pocket watch with a minute repeater and carillon

    France, Paris

    сirca 1840

    Breguet, Abraham-Louis

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; embossing, guilloche, engraving

    Diameter 5.7 cm; thickness 0.9 cm

    The movement's lid is marked with an "owl" in oval. An inscription in Turkish on the dial. On the movement: "33681"


    Mechanical pocket watch in round artistically executed gold case with festooned rim, two lids, repeater lever in the shape of a crown with a sliding pin and a ring. In the centre of the case’s lid with embossed patterns of ovals and raised onlays of floral wreaths and roses in multicoloured gold is a round medallion with a flower bouquet. The movement’s lid is decorated with a variety of guilloche patterns with an inscription, in rectangular ornate escutcheon in the centre: “ECHAPPEMENT A CYLINDRE HUIT TRUOS EN RUBIS Breguet a Paris".

    White enamel dial, numerals and hours' scale graduations  are black, the Breguet hands are gold. The dial with two scales in the Turkish-Osmanli typeface: minutes' scale, divided into 60 graduations, and hours' - divided into 12 graduations. The bezel is adorned with embossed grooves and appliqué flowers.

    The movement is jewelled and has a pierced bimetallic balance wheel with screws, spring-powered cylinder escapement, and a minute repeater on two gongs with three hammers. The watch is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.


    Intended for the market of the Ottoman Empire