Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with a quarter repeater, jacquemarts and a key

    Mechanical pocket watch with a quarter repeater, jacquemarts and a key


    circa 1810

    Firm "Paul Buhre"

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; painted enamel, champlevé, embossing, engraving

    5.5 x 1.1 cm

    Mark on the lid: "PFPG", "6850"


    Pocket mechanical watch in round gold case, with corrugation, with two smooth lids, a of a quarter repeater bar, supplemented with figurines-jacquemars on the dial. The dial is decorated with a painted enamel alpine scenery, supplemented with relief onlay multi-colored gold details with a picture of a mill and a fisherman sitting on the shore with a fishing rod. Relief figures of two angels ringing the relief bells of the painted pagoda are in the upper part, on black background. When the repeater is activated, the onlay mechanical parts come into motion: the water flows, the wheel of the mill turns, the fisherman's hand with the fishing rod rises and falls, angels are ringing the bells. Small onlay white enamel is in the center. There are two scales on it: minute, divided into 60 divisions and hours, divided into 12 divisions, with Arabic numerals. The marks of the hour scale are black, the hands are golden. The movement finding and hands switching rod is under the dial. The movement on brass mounting plates and bridges decorated with floral ornament, with a balance wheel, spring-powered cylinder escapement, and a quarter repeater on gongs.