Pocket Watches

Presentation mechanical pocket watch in a branded box

    Presentation mechanical pocket watch in a branded box

    Switzerland/Russia, Geneve/St Petersburg

    Early 20th century

    Firm "Paul Buhre"

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; casting, embossing, engraving

    3.2x0.6 cm

    The case and movement liads bear marks: "squirrel"; hallmark "0.583", "142161”; the remontoir has a squirrel hallmark. The chatelaine has the maker's mark: “ИА”, Triplet of St. Petersburg district assay department, 1908-1917, with the assay number 56.

    This watch is a gift presented by the Cabinet of his Imperial Majesty

    Pocket mechnical watch in a smooth round gold case, with three lids, a ring and a crown.
    The relief image of the Russian Empire coat of arms - the double-headed eagle under three crowns and highlighted blue enamel ribbons’ fluttering ends of the Order of St. Andrew, with the scepter and orb in its claws is on the upper lid.

     There is an engraving "Zum And. a. Ihre Maj. Kaiserin v.Russland 22.10.1910" on the case lid; the inscription on the movement's lid is in old Russian: "Павелъ Буре поставщикъ Двора Его Величества № 142161" (Pavel Bure, supplier of His Majesty Court No 142161).
    The dial is white enamel. Hour scale signs are black; the hands are from blue-finished steel. Three scales are on the dial: a minute, divided into 60 graduations; an hour scale - divided into 12 graduations with Roman numerals; and a small seconds’ dial with Arabic numerals.
    Watch with a pierced bimetallic balance wheel with screws, anchor escapement with a spring, second, minute and hour hands, with a remontoir.

     The watch is fitted with a chatelaine in the shape of a gold imperial crown to be worn pinned as a brooch.
    The watch is stored in a brand box "Paul Buhré" with a bronze plate in the form of a double-headed eagle on the top cover. Half-effaced inscription is inside the case: "Двуглавый орёл / ПАВЕЛЪ БУРЕ / Ст.ПЕТЕРБУРГЪ / Невскиiй просп. № 23 / МОСКВА / ......" (The double-headed eagle / Paul Buhré / St.PETERBURG / Nevskiy avenue № 23 / MOSCOW / ......." ).

     Onlay coat of arms on the watch top lid and chatelaine in the form of a golden imperial crown - are the later replica.