Pocket Watches

Musical quarter repeating pocket watch with key

    Musical quarter repeating pocket watch with key

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1815

    Piguet & Meylan

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys, pearls; champlevé, enamel over engraving, engraving

    5.5. cm in diameter
    0.9 cm thick

    The dial, case welt and cuvette are marked: "9350".
    The movement is marked, "PM"


    Musical mechanical pocket watch in circular case decorated with pearls and transparent red enamel, with two lids, and a repeater lever in the shape of a hub with a ring decorated with blue enamel and pearls. The case lid, edged with small pearls and a narrow sash of enameled ornament, is made of glass. The cuvette is decorated with an ornament of stylized laurel leaves and leafy “skeins” over blue background flanking on two sides of a column topped with a globe.

    White enamel dial; the numrals of the hours' scale are black, and the hands are in blue-finished steel. The dial has three scales: seconds' - divided by dots; minutes' - divided into 60 units by Arabic numerals; and hours' divided into 12 units by Roman numerals. The bezel is edged with small pearls and a narrow sash of enamel ornament.

    The movement is decorated with engravings, has a balance wheel, cylinder escapement powered by spring, a quarter repeater on two gongs, and a music movement with a barrel and a comb. The tune is played every hour or by the owner's will by triggering the slide lever located on the case between numerals VI and VII. The watch is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands. The key is decorated with two-sided oval enamel onlay with floral pattern on blue background.


    Intended for the Chinese market