Pocket Watches

Grande Sonnerie striking micrometer regulator pocket watch

    Grande Sonnerie striking micrometer regulator pocket watch

    Switzerland, Le Locle

    Circa 1890

    Cezar Racine

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys, diamonds; guilloche enamel, enamel over engraving, carving

    5.4 cm in diameter
    1.3 cm thick

    Movement is marked "СН16112", "СН18543" (Nos of patents obtained by С.Razine for Grande Sonnerie); "СН21639" (micro-adjuster patentthat belonged to С. Rosat).
    all three lids are marked "18K", "1903", "Helvetia head in a rectangular escutcheon")


    Mechanical pocket watch in round gold case decorated with embossed floral ornament, with three lids, ring and winding crown. The upper lid and the case lid are decorated with floral bouquets in fancy frames on transparent red enamel guilloche field; one of the bouquets is decorated with onlay diamonds (on the lid). The images are framed by enamel floral wreaths on chased background. The cuvette is smooth and décor-free.

    White enamel dial; the hours' scale graduations are black, blue-finished steel hands. The dial has two scales: minutes' - divided into 60 intervals; hours' - divided into 12 units with Roman numerals, and smaller seconds' dial with Arabic numerals.

    The watch with the pierced bimetallic balance wheel with screws, anchor escapement, two barrel drums, Grande Sonnerie hour and quarter repeater on three gongs, chime stopper, hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds, micro-adjuster patented by C.Rosat, and remontoir. The chime play automatically every hour or at the choice of the owner by pressing the button on the case, opposite numeral VI.


    Grande Sonnerie ("grand chimes") are automatic chimes striking hours and quarters. A variety of Grande Sonnerie, Petite Sonnerie ("small chimes"), strike automatically on the hour only.