Pocket Watches

Silver open-face pocket chronometer with power reserve

    Silver open-face pocket chronometer with power reserve

    England, Russia


    August Ericsson firm

    Silver, glass, enamel, alloy; gilding

    Diameter 6.2 cm; case thickness 2.5 cm

    Inscriptions on the movement - "St. Peter burg", "Aug.Ericsson", "№ 186", "5570"; on the dial - "186", "A.ERICSSON", "St. PETERSBURG".
    Hallmarks on the movement and movement lid "F.T", "leopard's head", "walking lion", "a"


    Mechanical pocket chronometer of "onion" type, in smooth silver case, with decorative sleeve with ring. Silver movement's lid is smooth and free from decor. The dial is white enamel; the marks of the hours scale are black, the arrows are of blued steel. There are four scales on the dial: minute - divided into 60 graduations; hour - divided into 12 graduations with Roman numerals; a small second dial and a stroke indicator with Arabic numerals.

    Movement with bimetal slotted balance, spring motor with fusion, hands' indication of hours, minutes, seconds and stroke regulation. Winding and hands setting is made by the key. The watch is coplemented with chain and winding key.