Long-case Clocks

Musical longcase hour striking clock with calendar

    Musical longcase hour striking clock with calendar

    Great Britain, London

    Circa 1775

    John Monkhouse

    Steel, brass, bronze, wood, glass; engraving, silvering, mechanical work and carpentry

    Height 276 cm

    On the dial shield: “ STRIKE/SILENT”, “CHIME/SILENT”, “John Monkhouse/LONDON”, names of twelve pieces in English: “A March in Scipio/Sr. Charles Sedlys Minuet/Country dance/An Air/Lady Coventrys minuet/Country Dance/Minuet/Lady Foxes Minuet/A March in the Gards/Minuet/A Jigg”


    A fine George III style musical longcase clock is mounted in in vertical mahogany case. The case is divided vertically into three tiers. The bottom has the form of rectangular base with onlay panel, on socle with low feet. Central narrow part with solid ornately shaped door on the front side that covers the falling weights and pendulum is on the base. Fluted embedded columns with metal inserts, bases and capitals are on the base front ribs and its central part. Clockwork and musical movement are mounted in the limb top tier. Four thin columns with flutes supporting massive arch with ornately shaped double-pitch roof are in the tier corners. The glazed arched door, closing the dial shield is on façade side. Silver-plated ring dial with black Roman numerals for hour’s designation and minutes scale with Arabic numerals, marking every fifth minute, is in the brass dial shield center. Openwork hour and minute hands are central and blued. Small seconds dial with openwork blued central hand and Arabic numerals, indicating five-second intervals is placed beneath the 12 o’clock mark. Three apertures with square pins for a crank are on the repoussed dial surface. Square calendar window is inside big chapter ring, next to 6 o’clock mark. Cast openwork onlays with mascarons are fixed on the dial shield corners. The musical movement tunes indicator is above the main dial. The straight hand of the indicator moves along the arc scale with the engraved melodies names. Ring strike and chime switchers are inside the arc. The engraved inscription with the name of the manufacturer’s name is between them. Musical movement with pinned cylinder and thirteen bells plays one of twelve melodies every hour. It is activated by gravity-powered drive. The clockwork with pendulum lever escapement and hour strike upon bell is activated by two falling weights drive.
    A crank for lifting falling weights and two keys are in the set.