Long-case Clocks

Musical moon phase longcase clock

    Musical moon phase longcase clock


    Circa 1910

    Bronze, wood, glass; painting, casting, gilding, silvering, mechanical work, carpentry

    Height 224.5 cm


    Long-case clock in vertical rectangular case on low faceted socle, with arch-shaped top part, made of solid mahogany wood. Facade and lateral sides are closed with faceted glass. Facade side is designed as the arched door, triple chiselled columns are mounted on its both sides. The columns  support lancet stepped roof. Clockwork with weights on the blocks and pendulum with  brass lens and wooden rod  is in the case upper part. Silver-plated ring dial with minutes' divisions, onlay  Arabic numerals  for hours' designation and two central blued openwork hands is fixed on square gilded dial. The dial shield corners are covered with openwork gilded cast plates, the centre is decorated with engraving. The arc scale of the lunar calendar with Arabic numerals and straight blued  hand is above the dial.  Revolving disk with the painted image of the Scottish landscape with the castle and moon disk,  which serves as the indicator the moon phases, is at the rear of the scale. Musical movement and clockwork with pendulum lever escapement, hour strike and quarter hour chime with gravity-powered motor. Four weights suspended on chains thrown over double blocks are lifted manually. Musical movements comprised of the perforated steel music band which controls the movements of ten small hammers striking on ten chrome tubular bells. At the beginning of every hour, a separate hammer strikes the gong certain number of times, after that the musical movement plays a tune. The key is in the set.