Long-case Clocks

Musical half hour striking moon phase longcase clock

    Musical half hour striking moon phase longcase clock

    Belgium, Liege


    Jacquet Nicolas

    Oakwood, bronze, glass, steel, brass; casting, painting, mechanical work, carpentry

    Height 238 cm

    On the dial: “Jaquet horloger Du prince Eveque du Liège”


    Long-case clock in vertical case made of solid oak. The case is divided vertically into three tiers. Bottom tier is a stepped base on  the socle with low feet. Narrow middle part with fluted pilasters on both sides and a door with carved volumetric image of a lion holding brass ring in its teeth is mounted on the base. Clockwork and musical movement are mounted in the case upper, expanded tier.  Glazed arched door that closes the dial is on the case front side. Flute pilasters are on the both sides. Rectangular glazed doors are on the lateral sides as well. Tin circular dial with black Roman numerals designating hours and minutes' divisions on curvilinear scale with Arabic numerals indicating five minutes intervals. Openwork hour and minute hands are gilded. Small seconds dial with openwork gilded central hand and Arabic numerals for fifteen-seconds' intervals is beneath the 12 o'clock mark. Apertures with square rods for the crank are inside the bezel ring beneath the marks of 3;  6 and 9 o'clock. Engraved ribbon with the maker's name is  between these apertures. Openwork gilded cast onlays with mascarons among the branches are in the dial shield corners. Painted moon phases indicator with the engraved Lunar calendar is above the clock face. The clockwork with Brocot pendulum escapement,  half an hour and hour strike  with  chime and  eight-day power reserve is operated by the gravity-powered motor. Striking on two bells. Musical movement with cylinder that plays two chime tunes on carillon of eight bells. Key for the door locks and a handle for lifting weights are in the set.