Long-case Clocks

Musical longcase clock with calendar

    Musical longcase clock with calendar

    Circa 1785

    Wood, steel, brass, glass; casting, enamel, mechanical work and carpentry

    Height 210 cm; dial 33 cm


    Long-case clock in oak wood vertical case, divided vertically into three tiers. The bottom tier is a rectangular base on plinth with low square feet and a concaved plinth at the top. Narrow central part with quarter-columns in the corners and solid figured door closing the weights and pendulum is mounted on the base. The clockwork and musical movement are in the case extended upper part. The glazed door covering the clock face is on the facade. Straight frieze and stepped cornice are above it. Roman numerals for hours' graduation, the points for minutes' graduation and Arabic numerals representing five-minutes intervals are on white square enamelled clock face. Openwork hour and minute hands are blued, in the style of the 1760s. Three apertures with square rods for the crank are on the clock face. The dial is decorated with the painted images of flowers in the corners and on the field. The clockwork is pendulum with lever escarpment,  gravity powered motor and clock strike on large bell. Musical movement with pinned cylinder chimes on five smaller bells every fourth hour. Key for locking the door and handle for lifting weights are in the set.