Long-case Clocks

Musical long-case clock with half an hour chime, calendar and moon phases' indicator

    Musical long-case clock with half an hour chime, calendar and moon phases' indicator

    The Netherlands

    the 18th century

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, tin, lead, fabric; casting, carpentry, presswork, gilding, wood carving, mechanical work, engraving


    Musical clock in wooden oak case, with ornately shaped moulding and carved gilded figures of heralds and Atlas, on the socle with profiled base with carved elements on the front ribs, on the ball-shaped supports with clawed paws. Figured door with panel, lock and aperture with cast golden onlay in the form of curls, leaves, flowers and fruits with the image of Chronos is on the case bottom part. Openwork lattices, closed with burgundy-colored fabric from the inner side and two columns with metal onlays on the bases and capitals. Golden color dial with openwork ornament on the corners is on the façade behind the glazed door. The lunar calendar scale and the moon phase’s indicator are on the dial. Ring-shaped tinned engraved clock face with Roman numerals’ hour graduation and Arabic numerals’ minute graduation (every five minutes), with two curly hands and small window for the days of the month. A slot for the tunes selection switch is on the right-hand side. Three apertures for winding the clock, chime and musical movement are in the dial central part and chapter ring. The dial is engraved with foliage ornament. The switching levers are near those apertures. The clockwork with pendulum, lever escapement, gravity-powered motor, half-an-hour Dutch chime. Musical movement – ten-bell carillon with nineteen hammers and barrel for six tunes, is activated every hour. A crank with wooden handle winds the clock, chime and musical movement.