Long-case Clocks

Long case clock with an hour chime and organ

    Long case clock with an hour chime and organ

    Germany, Fischbach

    circa 1880

    Johann Dilger

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; carpentry, painting, colouring, turning, mechanical work

    235 x 65 x 46 cm, 45 kg

    On the door rear side: "Spielwerk von Johann Dilger", "v. Fischbach", "Geschenk", "des", "Herrn Heinrich Keller in Bern", "zum", "Andenken an Seinen Vater Herrn Gustav Keller, Generalagent", "1909"


    Clock in wooden case, with ornately shaped moulding, on the socle with panels, painted imitating wood, on profiled base. The case is painted blue with painted flowers, genre scenes, putty, attributes of love, the side ribs are rounded, and painted imitating marble, all decorative details are painted in golden color. Ornately shaped apertures with chiselled balusters are on the case upper part. The case inner surface painted in red- carroty color. A figured door with panel, handle, lock and glazed oval aperture is on the case facade. A dedication sign with handwritten inscription: “Spielwerk von Johann Dilger / v. Fischbach" is fixed on the door inner side. A small glazed door with lock is on the front door. Painted white dial face with round chapter-ring and hour graduation with Roman numerals, minute graduation and two hands. Clockwork with pendulum, lever escapement, gravity-powered mechanism, hour chime. The musical movement - an organ with a pinned wooden barrel is activated every hour.