Long-case Clocks

Musical long-case clock

    Musical long-case clock

    Germany, Leipzig

    circa 1900

    Polyphon Musikwerke AG, Lenzkirch AG

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, varnishing, wood carving, lathe

    200 x 53 x 32.5 cm; disc diameter 28.1 cm

    On the rear mounting plate: trademark with spruce branch, cone and inscription “LENZKIRCH A.U.G.”; serial number and clockwork number: “1Million 27412”, “52”, “2”. On the flange of the driving axis: "60399"


    Сlock in vertical wooden polished, walnut veneered case, with two compartments. The case is mounted on a stepped socle on two chiselled ornately shaped feet in front and a solid wall on the rear side. Disk music mechanism with a spring drive closed by a paneled door is located in the bottom compartment. The panel is reinforced with the profiled layouts and decorated with openwork carved patterns comprised of curls and two rocailles. The door lateral sides are decorated with carved semi-columns on high bases and with chiselled inserts in the niches. Wide frieze with openwork carving and volumetric carved elements and curls in the corners is above the door. A profile cornice is higher. The clock motor is mounted in the upper compartment. It is closed by a hinged door with round glazed window in square frame with carved elements in the corners. Chiselled columns with carved bases and capitals are on the right and left sides; miniature carved balustrade with five balusters is beneath. Triangular attic and lamellar roof with four sloping surfaces with chiselled phials in the corners crowns the clock case. There are carved and Chiselled decorative elements with curls are on the lateral sides.

    Pendulum clock movement “LENZKIRCH” with eight-days spring winding, Graham's escapement and half-hour chime. Composite dial – white metal external ring with Arabic numerals and minute graduations; yellow copper alloy central part with two keyholes. Openwork minute and hour hands are black with round plaques. Vertical disc movement with two sound combs, 28 teeth each reproduces metal discs 28.1 mm diameter. Sound combs with intermediate sprockets, a driving axle and a hinged upper bar with rollers and plunger pin are on the cast metal chassis’ external side. The top sound comb is covered with decorative onlay with the images of branches, eagle heads, lyre and inscriptions: “PATENT, BREVETE, S.G.D.G.”. The axis for the crank is on the right hand side. Wooden pullout drawer with a sloping bottom and a rim lock are beneath the movement. The musical movement starts every hour from the clock. 24 discs are in the set.