Long-case Clocks

Long-case organ clock

    Long-case organ clock

    Germany / The Netherlands, Neuwied / Amsterdam

    circa 1790

    David Röentgen (case); Allin Walker (clock)

    Wood (walnut), metal, cotton, brass, glass; carving, turning, gilding, silvering

    85 x 63 x 247 cm, 95 kg

    Inscription on the dail in the semi-circular window: "Allin Walker / Amsterdam"


    Long-case mechanical clock in wooden case, walnut veneered, on wooden base in the form of a cabinet, with a door and a keyhole. The cabinet with rectangular projections, on four chiseled feet. The obelisks of circular cross-section downwards complemented by acanthus leaves are on the projections. The cabinet door is decorated with an octagonal aperture, ornated with carving in the form of a lyre, covered with golden color cotton fabric from the inner side. An oval medallion with a relief image of a girl against the background of clouds racing in a chariot drawn by mythical creatures and two angels on the sides is on the case. The organ movement is hidden behind the door: a wooden barrel, eleven bells with hammers, wooden organ pipes - twenty-one on each side. The clock plays eight tunes, activated every hour or on demand.

    The clock in rectangular case, completed with brass ornaments and a rosette, twigs and curls, with the door decorated with a round glass aperture in the center. The dial is silver-plated, with black Roman numerals marking hours, Arabic numerals – marking every fifth minute, two openwork metal hands. The clock is complemented with ornately shaped top with foliage elements. Pendulum movement, with lever escapement, calendar device, two spring motors, with one-hour chime on one bell.