Long-case Clocks

Long-case musical clock with Westminster and Cambridge chime

    Long-case musical clock with Westminster and Cambridge chime


    the 19th century

    Wood, copper alloys, steel, brass; casting, carpentry, silvering, wood carving, mechanical work, marquetry

    Height 256.5 cm



    Clock in vertical mahogany veneered polished wooden case high socle with paneled facade. Ornately shaped door with antique vase-shaped intarsia in double oval frame is on the on the case the façade central narrow part. Quarters of round fluted columns with metal bases and capitals are embedded in the front ribs of the central part. The gravity-powered drive links with blocks are inside the clock case. A clockwork with metal arched dial, closed with small glazed door is in the expanded upper part. The case is crowned with the openwork finial with wave-shaped moulding. Two thin fluted columns with metal cast bases and the Corinthian capitals support the front part of the finial. Silver-plated chapter-ring with black Roman numerals and minute graduations with Arabic numerals (every five minutes) is on the dial face. Hour and minute are openwork. Chapter ring with second hand, second graduations and Arabic numerals (every ten seconds) is inside the main dial, near twelve o’clock mark. Three apertures for winding keys are beneath. Ring-shaped chime indicator with chiselled hand and engraved inscriptions “CHIME” and “SILENT” is above the main dial. Chime tunes switch is on the large ring external side. The tunes titles are engraved on the ring-shaped field “WESTMINSTER / CAMBRIDGE”. Cast decorative plates with foliage patterns and mascarons surround the dials. The clockwork with three gravity-powered motors with one chime and eight bells for musical chime.