Long-case Clocks

Musical quarter striking longcase clock

    Musical quarter striking longcase clock

    Western Europe

    Late 19th - early 20th centuries

    Mahogany, metal, glass; purfle, carving, silvering, chasing, mechanical work

    252 x 64 x 43 cm

    On indexes: “CHIME/SILENT”, “WESTMINSTER/WHITTINGTON/ST MICHAEL”. Near switch: “STRIKE/SILENT”, on the nameplate: “BANCA SANNITA”, “0668”


    Long-case clock in wooden mahogany veneered case with carved moulding is set on the base with panels and ornament in the marquetry technique on the front side. Carved pattern and ornamental elements with curls, flowers and leaves are on front bevel edges. Glazed door with lock, carved onlay ornament in the form of lattices, curls and flowers in ornately shaped chiseled frame is on the case front side. Ring silvered dial with onlay Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, minute divisions, two hands and three apertures for winding the clock, the chime and musical movement is on the front side top part on engraved golden surface.  Small seconds’ dial is in the central part that is engraved with foliage patterns. Arabic numerals for seconds’ designation in ten divisions and black hand, a slot with strike switching lever “STRIKE/SILENT” is on the dial left side.  Chime indicator “CHIME / SILENT” and kind of chime indicator “WESTMINSTER/WHITTINGTON/ST MICHAEL” are in the arch above the dial. Covered with dark brown cloth lattices with slotted patterns are on the lateral sides’ upper parts and on the rear side, glazed ornately shaped windows are beneath.
    The clockwork with pendulum, with lever escapement, three gravity powered drives, hour strike and quarter hour chime. Musical movement – Carillion of nine bells, with pinned cylinder for three tunes, is activated every hour.