Long-case Clocks

Musical longcase clock

    Musical longcase clock

    The last quarter of the 18th century

    Johann Gottlieb Leukert

    Steel, brass, glass, wood; engraving, casting, carving

    Height 240 cm; dial 31 cm

    On the clock face: “Leukert/Dresden/No 141”; “Andante/Ein feste burg ist unser Gott/Du friede Fürst Herr Jesu Christ/In dich habich gehoffet Herr/Befiehl du deine Wege/Aria”; “Schlagen/Nicht Schlagen”; “Spielen/Nicht Spielen”


    Long case clock in vertical solid mahogany case. The case is vertically divided in three tiers. The bottom tier is a rectangular base with panelled sides, on the stand with low feet and a stepped plinth at the top. The corners of the base are decorated with carvings in the form of brickwork. Narrow middle part with cannulated quarter columns in the front corners and ornately-shaped solid door closing the weights and pendulum is mounted on the base. The clockwork mechanism and musical movement are in the upper expanded part of the case. Сarved glazed arched door that closes the dial is on the facade side. Chiselled columns are on the door sides. The top is crowned by turned fronton with metal cone in the gap. The clockwork with pendulum lever escapement, chime  and musical movement is activated by gravity powered motor. Crank for lifting weights and two keys are in the set.