Long-case Clocks

Musical quarters striking longcase clock

    Musical quarters striking longcase clock

    Great Britain, Torquay

    Late 19th century

    Mahogany, brass, glass, steel; casting, gilding, silvering, carving

    Height 224 cm



    Long-case clock in vertical case made of solid mahogany wood, in the Chippendale style. The case is divided vertically into three tiers. The bottom tier is a rectangular base with panelled sides  on the socle with low feet and stepped plinth at the top. Narrow middle part with bevelled cannulated front corners and a door with the elongated oval glazed window, through which weights and musical movement hollow bells are visible, is mounted on the base. The clock mechanism and musical movement are in the upper, extended part of the case. Glazed arched door that closes the dial is on the front side. Chiseled columns with flutings are on the sides of the door. Carved wooden lattices close acoustic windows in the lateral sides. Nodding ogee arch roof with cancellated fronton and carved decorative onlays. Silver clock face is decorated with gilded openwork lattice with the engraved floral ornament. Ring dial with onlay gilded Arabic numerals designating hours and black minute divisions is in the center. Openwork hour and minute hands are blued, in the 1760s style. The second small dial with one central hand and Arabic numerals is beneath the number "12". Keyholes with square pins for the winding crank are inside the ring. The nameplate of the clock maker is near the mark of "9". The witch of the strike is to the left of the number "9". Small dials are located above the central clock dial - a chime switch and a switch for choosing one of three melodies: Westminster strike, Whittington strike and St. Michael's strike. The clockwork with pendulum lever escapement, an hour strike, quarter chime and eight-day power reserve is  gravity-powered. Musical movement with pinned cylinder plays chime on nine hollow bells of different lengths. The key for locking doors and handle for lifting weights.