Long-case Clocks

Long-case clock with musical movement “Symphonion 30 St”

    Long-case clock with musical movement “Symphonion 30 St”

    Germany, Leipzig


    Fabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke AG, Peerless Mathias Bauerle

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, varnishing, wood carving, chiselling

    240 x 58 x 39 cm; dial diameter 34.5 cm

    Inscriptions in the dial: “Tempus Fugit”; on the clock case: stamp with the form of stylized letters “MB” and ribbon with inscription “PEERLESS”, “96”, “1 Million”, “323228”, “Made in Germany”. On the musical movement: “165849”


    Clock with musical movement in walnut veneered wooden case, mounted on the ornately shaped pedestal, opening door with lock and inclined compartment for storing disks, four curly feet and ribbed moulding. Carved rounded pommel in the form of a roof with four sloping scaly surfaces is on the top. Spired towels, phials - are in the corners and above the roof. Opening door with lock, glazed arch, carved ornaments on the corners and chiselled columns is on the façade upper part. The inscription “Tempus Fugit” (Time flies) is on the golden color metal dial with casted metal patterns in the corners. The clockwork with round dial, Roman numerals hour and minute graduations, two curly hands, three apertures for winding the clock, musical movement and clock chime; with pendulum, quarter chime, Graham escapement, Westminster chime musical movement with five hammers and strings, maker's mark, serial number and a key. A lever for the movement autonomous switching on/off and metal curly key-plate are on the left side. Round onlay with aperture for a removable crank is on the right side. The case with the opening door with lock, walnut root veneered panel, carved pilasters and ornaments. Musical movement is mounted on rectangular golden chassis inside the case; two sound combs and a set of crawler wheels; an axis that matches the central aperture of the metal disk is between them. The disc speed control lever is under the chassis. A starting lever connected to the clock movement is on the left-hand side. Two metal disc support rollers are on the lateral sides.

    The clock movement and the disk motor are activated every hour, it is possible to turn on the disk motor any time and adjust the disc rotation speed. The disk stops automatically. The case serves as a soundboard. Six discs with the diameter 34.5 cm are in the set.

    Music media: metal disc.