Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical table clock

    Musical table clock

    Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds



    Wood, steel, brass, glass, bronze, enamel; carpentry and mechanical works, casting, gilding

    79 x 50 x 19.5 cm


    The clock is mounted in the Empire style mahogany case.Vertical rectangular case with wide ornately shaped moulding is mounted on high straight socle with low chiselled metal feet. Arched roof with black lacquered pediment decorated with cast gilded onlays depicting the Hercules in animal skin and two Hippocampi is on the top. Black lacquered rectangular insert is on the front side central part. Round dial shield, closed by the door with round engraved frame and convex glass is on the insert upper half. Ring shaped white enamel dial with black Roman numerals for hours’ designation and minute scale with Arabic numerals for five-minute divisions. Two straight gilded central hands are with openwork decorative elements show hours and minutes. Cast gilded onlays - mascaron in the arched frame, winged Glory with the wreath and Glory with the bow surrounded by six-pointed stars are placed inside the ring. Onlay with the image of canonical plot – Maundy is on the lower part. Two apertures with ornamental bushings for the winding key are on the onlay sides. Cast onlay with the image of a baby lying in flower cradle is below the dial. An oval window in engraved frame is below it, to the right and left are gilded images of two eagles with raised wings. The clock mechanism with pendulum on silk suspension, lever escapement, hourly gong strike, quarter chime with two hammers upon two gongs and a repeater. The cord for winding and switching on the repeater hangs down through the aperture in the case left side. Two spring motors drive the clock escapement and clock strike. The maker name and the origin of production are engraved on the rear mounting plate “MECANICIEN/DL. IACOPIN/CHAUX DE FONDS”. Compartment for musical movement with sound comb and pinned cylinder for three melodies are in the wooden case socle. The sound comb is comprised of twenty-eight sections, with three teeth each. The cylinder is driven by means of wire spring motor with fusee. The tune is activated every hour by a wire pulling power connected to the clock.
    Three levers placed on the socle right side control the musical mechanism. The levers enables turning on music at any time, shut off connection with the clock and turn off automatic changing of tunes. Winding hole is above the levers. The winding key is in the set.