Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical table clock

    Musical table clock

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Nickolai Wehrle

    Mahogany, brass, glass, steel; carpentry and mechanical works, glassworks, engraving

    Height 53 cm


    The clock is mounted in mahogany case. The case is of arched form, on the stepped socle with ornately shaped corner feet, finished with shellac polish. Arched doors with mortise locks close all four case sides. Brass dial shield, the main part of which is occupied by the dial with two blued openwork central, hour and minute hands and straight brass central hand of the calendar is fixed behind the front door. Hour scale divisions are indicated by black Roman numerals. The external scale with minute divisions and Arabic numerals for five minutes intervals. The internal scale is with Arabic numerals for designation of odd month dates is the calendar. The apertures for winding the clock springs, musical mechanism and striking mechanism are below the dial center. The watchmaker name and the city are on the dial central part. Ornately shaped musical mechanism arrow-switcher is in the arched part of the dial shield; two positions of the switcher are indicated by the words “STRIKE-SILENT”. The clock movement mounting plates are adorned with engraved foliage ornament. The inscription “N: Wehrle St Petersburg” is on the rear plate. The clock mechanism with pendulum spring suspension, three spring motors with fusees, an hour strike on big bell and quarter of an hour chime on nine carillon bells powered by the pinned cylinder. Three keys are in the set.