Mantel and Table Clocks

Hour striking mantel clock “Cossack on horseback”

    Hour striking mantel clock “Cossack on horseback”

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Circa 1908

    Mikhail Drozhin (presentation plate)

    Steel, brass, silver, glass, black stone; casting, enamel, embossing, patination, mechanical works

    Height 47 cm


    Cast sculptural composition featuring equestrian with the St. George standard and color in his right hand is mounted on rectangular base from black stone with high socle. Round clock dial with silver bezel decorated with leafy ornament and faceted glass is in the central part of the base front side. Black Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ divisions are on white enamel dial. Two central spear-shaped hands are blued. Apertures with brass bushings and square pins for winding keys are near four and eight o’clock marks.

    The clock with half an hour strike upon bell, two spring motors and pendulum on spring suspension is closed with openwork silver lid from the rear side. Silver rectangular dedication plaque with dedication inscription in Cyrillic and maker’s signature- “М.И. Дрозжинъ“ is fixed below the dial.

    Cast patinated bronze figure of bearded equestrian on the standing horse is mounted on the base top surface. He holds a bridle in his left hand and the standard and color flagpole in his right hand. The rider is wearing a service coat with double chevron on the sleeve and shoulder straps of a junior officer with two stripes, pants with narrow stripes and high boots. Wide sling with triangular pattern, on which a row of medals is fixed, is thrown over his left shoulder. Fur Cossack hat is on his head. Saddlebags, roll-up and blanket are strapped to the saddle.

    Two winding keys are in the set.