Mantel and Table Clocks

Table clock with automaton

    Table clock with automaton

    Great Britain, London


    Asprey Plc.

    Steel, brass, enamel, gold, diamonds; casting, guilloche, embossing, enamel over guilloché, champlevé enamel, mechanical works

    Height 41 cm, base diameter 21 cm

    The image of the British coat of arms and goldish color inscription on the stamp imprint: “BY APPOINTMENT / TO H.M. THE QUEEN / GOLDSMITHS, SILVERSMITHS / & JEWELLERS / ASPREY PLC”, “LONDON”, “Asprey”. Mark of the firm “A PLC”; gold alloy “750”, annual mark “U” – 1994; leopard (lion) muzzle placed in square with bevelled corners; weigh-scales with alloy number 750


    Clock in cylindrical case is mounted on guilloche pedestal, standing on the base top panel with two ledges and spherical side surface bounded by stripes with embossed pattern in the shape of goldish spikelets. Rings are fixed on the pedestal guilloche front, rear sides and lateral rounded surface. Volumetric cords with tassels, decorated with transparent stones, descend from the rings. The base upper ledge top panel and side surfaces are covered with red guilloché enamel; bottom ledge is covered with Royal blue enamel over guilloche and adorned with onlay garlands of cords with tassels and elements with transparent stones. The Royal blue enamel clock dial is mounted on the case front side, behind the door with convex glass, latch and rim with embossed spikelet golden ornament. Arabic numerals comprised from small transparent stones in white enamel cartouches for hours’ designation, two white enamel ornately shaped hands are adorned with diamond cut transparent stones. A flower with enamel red petals on guilloche surface with goldish rim is in the clock dial center.

    The automaton movement is on the rear case side, behind the lid with convex glass in bezel with spikelet-shaped pattern. It is comprised of four animated erotic scenes with polychrome enamel details, closed with petals, decorated with foliage ornament in the shape of champleve enamel leaves and flowers of red, green and white color with goldish partitions. The petals move and reveal the automaton scenes when the oval button is pressed. Apertures with pins for winding the automaton are on the case lateral surface below sliding tassels is to the left. Pins for winding the clock and hands adjustment are to the right. The clock and automaton winding, the hands adjustment is made with double-sided key with sector-shaped head with red enamel over guilloche panels framed with polished goldish-colored metal.

    The clock movement is pendulum with lever escapement and three spring motors. The clock is stored in wooden case, pasted over with embossed brown leather, with two hinged corner doors on two hinges with locks and hinged lid with the stamp imprint on the inner side. The case inner surface is from light colour silk and imitation suede lodgement.

    Double-sided winding key and case are in the set.