Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical table clock

    Musical table clock

    Austria, Vienna

    Mid 19th century

    Anton Olbrich

    Metal, wood, alabaster; mechanical and carpentry work, gilding, carving

    36 x 68 x 13 cm, cylinder 10 x 2.6 cm

    On the sound comb: “A. OLBRICH IN WIEN”, on the key: “MADE IN SWEDEN/3”. On the nameplate: № 1427 13003


    Portico is mounted on wooden socle on square white alabaster columns with goldish bases and capitals. Black varnished socle is decorated with painted golden foliage ornament combined with small white flowers and leaves; blue background is added on the façade central part. Wooden ceiling of the portico is covered with black varnish and decorated with painted gold patterns and white flowers. Complex stepped entablature of the frieze is decorated with glassy inset and four small alabaster columns with blue ornament. An arch with the painted pattern is fit into the keel-shaped attic. Alabaster ball is fixed on the attic top, alabaster phials are mounted on the sides. The clock round wooden case of pendulum clock with lever escapement and an hour strike is fixed to the ceiling lower side. White enamel ring-shaped dial with minutes’ divisions and Arabic numerals for hours’ designation. Two central hands are realized in the form of polished steel swords. The dial is framed by wide bezel with mesh engraving.The central part is closed with openwork lattice of thin yellow metal. Square pins for the winding key are in the lattice. The dial is closed by round glass door. Openwork lens is attached to the pendulum pendant in the form of a lyre entwined with garland. Carved wooden lyre framed by laurel branches is on the socle, behind the pendulum. Musical movement with the comb with 81 teeth and pinned cylinder, which is activated every hour, is inside the socle. Metal nameplate with number is on the bottom. The clock-winding key and key for musical movement are in the set.




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