Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel clock with musical movement

    Mantel clock with musical movement

    France, Paris


    Wood, metal (bronze), fabric, glass; carving

    Height: 69 cm


    The clock is fixed on wooden stand with four semicircular feet; the stand upper part is decorated with golden braided cord along the perimeter. The clock is made of gilded bronze, decorated with embossed mythological images.

    The clock's dial is mounted in the pedestal-plate, decorated with gilded bronze. Onlays. The pedestal upper part is crowned with lira. The composition is complemented by the figure of a young man, playing flute, and a column with the armillary sphere and a celestial globe. White dial with black Roman and Arabic numerals and two golden hands. The apertures for the movement winding are in the dial bottom part. The left aperture is for winding of the clock's chime, the right one is for winding the clock escapement. The movement strikes every hour. The clock with half an hour chime.


    Инв. 2664/ММП