Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical half-hour striking table clock with automaton

    Musical half-hour striking table clock with automaton



    Wood, metal, enamel, glass, fabric; casting, gilding, turning, mechanical work, sewing

    60 x 50 x 40 cm, 15 kg

    Round mark on the clock movement rear side


    Portico shaped clock is mounted on polished rectangular socle made of gilded metal. Wide plinth with cast ornament frames the socle top part. Four cannulated columns with Corinthian capitals support U-shaped platform above wide cornice that is adorned with ionic ornament. Clock in cylindrical case with white enamel dial surrounded by the massive cast bezel is mounted under the platform. Roman numerals for hours’ designation scale with minutes’ divisions, two central the Breguet style hands and two apertures with square pins for winding key are on the dial. The clock is pendulum, with lever escapement and spring winding, it strikes half hour and hour upon the bell. The lens of the adjustable pendulum is decorated with cast rosette. Two cast curly horizontal supports with crossbeam are fixed on the top platform. Male gymnast in bright red-blue clothes with sequins holds on to the horizontal crossbeam. A musician figure in blue baggy trousers, red camisole and light colour cape is to the left. He holds a trombone in the hands. The figurine of a musician with trumpet, dressed in blue-green camisole, red cape and yellow-blue drawers with lace is to the right. Ornately shaped black color wooden stand, covered red velvet is under the clock. The automaton and musical movement control mechanism is mounted in the stand. The switching button and the winding hole are on the stand right side. When the mechanism is activated, music sounds, the gymnast performs exercises on the horizontal crossbeam and the musicians bring their instruments to their lips. Winding key is in the set.