Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking table clock with automaton

    Musical hour striking table clock with automaton


    Circa 1790

    Steel, brass, bronze, wood, glass; casting, gilding, gilding, mechanical work

    Height 75 cm


    Clock in vertical wooden ornately shaped case, decorated with black lacquer and standing on the socle with massive cast feet. The case is decorated with a variety of gilded cast onlays in the form of floral elements. The case vertical bevelled ribs are decorated with Hermas and flower garlands. Cast openwork lattices, covered with green fabric close acoustic windows on the lateral sides. Carrying handles are fixed above the lattices. Ornamental details in the form of glass balls with ornately shaped finials are on the smooth gilded moulding corners.

    White enamel clock dial with gilded open-work hour and minute hands, Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions, Arabic numerals in fifteen minutes’ divisions and three winding holes is behind glass arched door with embossed border. Thin blued central hand with counterweight. Niche with automaton is above the dial.

    Painted images of trees and bushes are on the right and left sides at the foreground. A row of figures, moving one after another when the automaton is activated is behind those images. Vertical glass spiral rods mounted on the backboard and imitating a waterfall rotate simultaneously.

    Rotunda with pagoda hip roof fixed on six columns is mounted on the flat platform at the case top. The platform is surrounded by cancellated parapet with golden finial in the corners. Cast curls-shaped onlays are fixed on the pagoda roof sides. Gilded figurine of a samurai with a katana sword is fixed inside the rotunda.

    Glass door in arched wooden frame closes the clockwork with mounting plate that is decorated by engraved foliage ornament. Imitation of Latin inscription is engraved among the branches. The clockwork is with heavy pendulum, verge escapement, strike upon bell and three spring motors with fusee. The automaton is activated at the same time, and the melody on carillon of eight bells with ten hummers’ sounds. Winding key is in the set.