Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock with automaton

    Musical mantel clock with automaton

    France, Paris

    Circa 1840

    Henry Marc

    Steel, brass, bronze, velvet; casting, gilding, guilloche, varnishing, mechanical work

    Height 51 cm

    On the dial and rear mounting plate: “HRY MARC A PARIS”


    Musical clock in the shaped form case from gilded bronze with applique golden color pattern in the form of rocailles with the image of Neptune in the upper part is mounted on oval wooden stand with chiselled feet, with the top panel of burgundy velvet. Automaton in the form of three-masted ship on blue waves on the background of a lighthouse and seaside town is mounted in the case bottom part beneath a rock with embossed pattern in the form of rocailles, leaves, curls, sea creatures, and cherub’s image with a gun-harpoon riding a sea-dragon. Goldish lattices are on the lateral sides.

    Ring-shaped dial in the bezel in the form of a wreath of reed mace with spadices, with black Roman numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ divisions, two Brequet style blue-finished steel hands and two apertures with pins for winding the clock escapement and the strike, with the inscription: “HRY MARC A PARIS” on the guilloched dial centre. The pin for the clock escapement regulation is above. The clock case rear side is closed with round lid with slotted ornament. The clockwork is pendulum, on silk suspension, with lever escapement; eight-day period winding, two spring motors and an hour strike upon the bell. The musical movement with the spring motor, sound comb, pinned cylinder and automaton movement drive – rocking on the waves ship are mounted inside the stand.

    The movement is winded by the cord, activated by the lever with white ball on the right side. The key is in the set.