Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical skeleton quarter striking mantel clock

    Musical skeleton quarter striking mantel clock

    Austria, Vienn

    The 1830-1840s

    Anton Olbrich

    Copper alloys, steel, glass, wood; silvering, engraving, mechanical work, varnishing

    Height 50 cm

    On musical movement: “A. Olbrich in Wien”


    Skeleton clock is mounted between cylindrical columns with phials on capitals, on a wooden oval base, painted imitating ebony, on four chiselled supports with twisted cord, protective dome and polished silvered top panel. Silvered ring glazed dial with transparent center and polished silver bezel, with hours' designation by circles without numbers, two blued steel hands, the seconds' pointer imitation, the hand and three rods for winding the clock, chime and strike. Musical movement is mounted in the base. it is activated every hour or if desired, with sound comb, spring motor, pinned cylinder for two tunes and  inscription “A. Olbrich in Wien”. Winding hole is on the right lateral side, the lever for its activation is above the dial. The clockwork is pendulum on silk suspender, the pendulum lens with open-work silver-plated ornament is in the frame with the polished inside surface and relief external surface. Clockwork with lever escarpment, 24-hour winding reserve, three spring motors, hour and half an hour chime of two hammers on two spiral gongs that are mounted on free-standing rack in the form of a lyre with three strings. Two keys are in the set.