Mantel and Table Clocks

Half an hour striking mantel clock "Steam Hammer"

    Half an hour striking mantel clock "Steam Hammer"

    France, Paris

    Circa 1890

    Guilmet & Cie

    Bronze, brass, metal, glass, marble; gilding, silvering, patination, mechanical works

    41.5 x 33 x 20 cm

    Mark on the clock mechanism : “MEDAILLE DSR”, “RD GLT BTE SCDC PARIS”.


    Clock is mounted on the brass base with black marble stand on four corner supports. The socle top panel with rhombuses pattern, specific for industrial premises. The clock case is in the form of a steam hammer, an oven with imitation of brickwork, a furnace and a blower, anvils and a blacksmith's figurine. Clockface is behind the glazed door with button, with hours' graduation by the Arabic  numerals,  and minute divisions, with two apertures with rods for winding the clock and striking , with two black hands. The dial is fixed on the front wall of the furnace above the firebox, closed by a swing door. A steam boiler located above the furnace is connected to the hammer by the curved tube with valve.  Blacksmith is dressed in black jacket and light trousers to emphasize the cleanness of production,  he holds down semimanufactured product on the anvil of the steam hammer. Hammer head kinematically connected to the clockwork lever escapement is the visible part of pendulum. It performs back-and-forth motion, that imitates the machine forging. The clock mechanism with eight-day winding reserve, pendulum on the platelike lifting bar, hour and half an hour hammer strike on the gong, lever escapement and two spring motors.