Mantel and Table Clocks

Half an hour striking mantel clock with singing bird

    Half an hour striking mantel clock with singing bird

    Germany, Hanau

    Circa 1906

    Georg Roth & Co

    Silver, enamel, brass, steel, painted bird feathers; casting, presswork, painted enamel, mechanical work

    35 x 30 x 17 cm, 4 kg

    On the pendulum “3 23717 8”, on the clock case and base - the hallmark of German silver alloy "800" and the maker's mark


    Clock in cylindrical case, with the figurine of Putti with the open musical notebook in his hands. It is mounted on octagonal base with the profiled stand on eight supports, with four figurines of cupids, with the inserts of painted enamel with portraits of girls, above  the cast figurines of cupids.  White enamel clock face with hours' graduation by Arabic  numerals,  and minute' graduation by Arabic numerals every 15th minute, two black hands with two winding holes for the clock and the chime winding with gilded bushings and painted floral patterns. Clock adjustment lever is in the chiselled bezel upper part. The case ear panel is closed by metal lid with slotted ornament. Hinged oval lid  with the patterns comprised of birds with spread wings, ribbons and cornucopia is on the base chiselled top panel. Independent mechanism with singing bird is mounted inside the base. Pull-out  button for activating the mechanism on is on the top panel, rod  for  winding is on the bottom side. When the mechanism is switched on the lid opens and the singing bird with painted feathers appears. The clockwork is pendulum with lever escapement,  one-day winding reserve, half an hour strike and two spring motors. Aperture with the rolled on screw for adjusting the pendulum length with the numbers “3”, “8” and number “23717” is on the pendulum lens rear side.