Mantel and Table Clocks

Hour striking mantel clock

    Hour striking mantel clock

    Circa 1830

    Bronze, steel, brass, glass; casting, gilding, mechanical work

    Height 46.5 cm

    On the pendulum rear side "422"


    Sculptural composition is mounted on the  gilded bronze oval base top panel on four supports, with a relief image of musical trophies, on the socle with laurel leaves intertwined with a ribbon patterns. The composition is comprised of acanthus leaves, flowers, offspring curls, a cupid naked torso with a lyre in his hands, protruding from a volumetric medallion with leaves. The clock in cylindrical case with convex annular dial, with hours' graduation by the Roman numerals, with two apertures for winding up  the clock and  two black hands are in the upper curl. Relief image of a scene in the Classical style is in the dial center. Pendulum clock mechanism is on the silk suspension, with hour strike by hammer on a bell with score on the counting wheel, lever escapement, two spring motors. Numbers "422" are on the pendulum rear side. The key and protective bottomless oval case are in the set.