Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel half hour striking clock with automaton

    Mantel half hour striking clock with automaton


    The 1830-1840s

    Bronze, wood, enamel, fabric; casting, gilding, mechanical work, veneering

    54 x 43 x 23 cm

    On the mechanism mounting plate: "3496"


    Clock in gilded bronze case in the style of Louis Philippe (1830-1848) with the socle decorated with leaves and shells;  fixed on the rectangular wooden stand with rounded corners, with foliage ornament in the intarsia technique. Cast gilded patterns ornament comprised of leaves, shells and sea creatures are on the case corners of front and lateral panels. Round white enamel dial framed by embossed foliage ornament of flowers, with hours' graduation by the Roman numerals, minute divisions, two blued steel hands, two apertures for winding the clock rate chime is in the front panel centre. Automaton - full-rigged sailing ship moving along waves of dark blue-green silk, boardering rocky shore with lighthouse on the left side and a tower on the right side. Aperture for winding of the automaton is on relief cornice. Every hour after the clock strikes, the musical movement is activated. The clockwork is pendulum with eight-day winding reserve, hour and half an hour strike on the bell and two spring motors .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder and spring motor is mounted in the stand and is winded by the key. Winding  hole is in the stand right side. Three keys are in the set.