Mantel and Table Clocks

Skeleton table clock with Westminster and Whittington striking

    Skeleton table clock with Westminster and Whittington striking

    Great Britain, Liverpool


    Steel, brass, marble, glass; casting, mechanical works, silvering

    Height 56 cm

    On indicators: “CHIME/SILENT”; “WESTMINSTER/WHITTINGTON”; on the mounting plate: “William Rogers”; “Liverpool”


    Skeleton clock in cast stylized casing in the Gothic style with apertures in the form of shamrocks is mounted on light-grey marble rectangular base, on four round supports. Two sections of the skeleton frame are connected by horizontal rods with blued steel fasteners. Its upper and lower parts are in the form of a quadrifoil. The musical movement - carillon with eight bells, eight hammers, pinned cylinder and ring indicators for turning on/off chime “CHIME/SILENT” and the chime MODE  “WESTMINSTER/WHITTINGTON”. Ring slotted silvered dial with hours' graduation by Roman numerals, minutes'  - by  Arabic numerals every 5th  division, two blued hands and three rods for winding the clock, strike and chime. The clockwork is pendulum with lever escapement half deadbeat type, 24-hour winding reserve, three spring motors, three fusees, an hour hammers chime on gong, fixed on the freestanding rack and quarter chime on carillon. The clock is mounted in glass case on marble stand, with metal bar ribs from and four apertures with decorative bolsters on the front side. Three apertures are for winding the clock, strike and chime, the fourth one is for the hands setting. The crank is in the set.