Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking mantel clock with repeater

    Musical hour striking mantel clock with repeater

    Great Britain, London

    Сirca 1790

    John Mottram

    Brass, enamel, glass, steel; engraving, casting, gilding, mechanical work

    Height 33 cm

    Engraving on the movement rear mounting plate: “John Mottram”


    Clock in the gilded metal case, mounted on the stepped base with ornately shaped feet in the corners. Two curved rings serve as a support for cast bird figure with spread wings. Round white enamel dial with minutes’ divisions, Roman numerals for hours’ designation and Arabic numerals, showing five minutes intervals, are on the case front side. The chain of red and colorless rhinestones surrounds the dial. Hour, minute and second hands are central, gilded, with heart-shaped heads.

    An aperture for the hands setting crank is beneath the dial. The case vertical ribs are decorated with openwork cast elements and chains of metal beads, the same chains are on the base central perimeter. Oval windows are on lateral sides and are closed with openwork lattices. The case rear side is closed with openwork-hinged door. The lateral lattices and the door are covered with blue silk from the inner side. The clockwork with verge escapement and three fusees: of the clockwork, the quarter chime and musical movement. Musical movement with pinned cylinder, eight bells and twelve hummers is activated every hour and plays one of two tunes. A separate bell with hummer is for an hour and quarter hour strikes. The cord hanging down from the aperture on the case front right rib activates the repeater. Two square-section pins located on the rear mounting plate serve for winding the clock springs and the musical movement.

    The clock was made for the Chinese market.