Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical alarm mantel clock with automaton "Organ grinder"

    Musical alarm mantel clock with automaton "Organ grinder"

    circa 1890

    Bronze, enamel, steel, brass; casting, gilding, repousse, mechanical work

    26.25 x 18.75 x 8 cm

    On the rear panel: “MOUVEMENT”, “SONNERIE”, on the mounting board: “14089”


    Clock in cast gilded bronze case in the form of wheeled barrel organ and an organ grinder with monkey. The organ grinder is in the hat and the frock coat, a book is on the organ top panel and a sitting monkey with semitransparent blue eyes in the dress with corrugated collar. A window is on the front panel decorated with flower patterns, behind which is white enamel dial with hours’ designation by Roman numerals, minutes’ - by Arabic numerals in five divisions and with three hands: hour, minute and alarm setting. Two apertures for winding the clock and musical movement with the hands and inscriptions: “MOUVEMENT”, “SONNERIE” are on the rear side. The aperture with a pin for winding musical movement is on the bottom panel. The clockwork is pendulum with lever escapement, alarm, two spring motors and fusees; number “14089” is on the clockwork mounting plate.

    Musical movement is activated after alarm strikes on the bell; the movement of the organ grinder’s right hand, which rotates the barrel organ crank, accompanies a tune playing. Musical movement consists of a pinned cylinder, sound comb with fifty-one teeth and spring motor, the movement is activated every hour, when the melody is over, the mechanism stops automatically simultaneously with the movement of the organ-grinder's hand.

    Two winding keys are in the set.