Mantel and Table Clocks

Mystery half hour striking clock

    Mystery half hour striking clock

    France, Paris


    Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugène , S. Marti et Cie

    Brass, wood, fabric, glass; carving, casting, gilding

    51 х 23.5 х 18 cm, 7 kg


    Mystery clock in brass case on pedestal with ornately shaped gilded base is set on pyramidal wooden stand with top panel covered with burgundy velvet with raspberry edging. Gilded cast cloud-shaped ornament with the images of “cupid” with a lyre and “psyche” with goblet and bunch of grapes above acanthus leaves is on the case front side. Gilded brass vase-shaped composition with chiseled ornament and handles in the form of fancy creatures is mounted on the case top side. Two acanthus leaves with balls on which round glass transparent dial in cast polished gilded bezel is fixed; with Roman numerals indicating hours, double concentric scale with large 15 minutes’ and small 5 minutes’ divisions, one golden hand and inscription “Robert Houdin”, “Paris ”are above.

    The clockwork with horizontal balance, lever escapement, escapement indicator with the scale, half an hour chime on bell and spring engines. The engraved letter “R” and medal of honor squeeze with the inscriptions, “MEDALLE DE BRONZE”, “S. Marti et Cie”. Are on the mounting plate. Apertures with pins for winding the clock and chime, the hands setting and clockwork adjustment with letters “R” and “A” and the inscription in oval “BREVET”, “D’INVITATION” are on the rear panel.

    Two keys are in the set.

    The hand does not have visible connection with the clockwork. It is driven by a rotating internal glass disc via worm gear drive to the ring gear. The clock belongs to the second series of Mystery Clock by the French watchmaker Eugene Robert Houdin, with transparent glass dial and one hand.