Carriage Clocks

Carriage singing bird clock with half an hour chime, repeater and alarm

    Carriage singing bird clock with half an hour chime, repeater and alarm

    France, Beaucourt

    circa 1870

    Japy Frères & Cie

    Brass, glass, mirror, enamel, feathers, fabric; casting, engraving, presswork, gilding

    Height 29 cm

    On the clockwork rear side: round stamp with the image of the French Order of the Legion of Honor and circle-wise inscription: “Japy Freres & Cie., Med. d'honneur ". On the mounting plate: “Chronometer”, “R / A”


    Clock in metal gilded double-tier case on wide figured stepped base with round feet. Facet glass is inserted into the front and lateral sides of both tiers, the rear sides are closed with metal doors. Ornately shaped carrying handle is fixed on the upper side. Vertical ribs of the lower tier with a singing bird are decorated with voluminous cast onlays in the form of acanthus leaves and flowers. Singing bird in bright plumage sits on the cast base in the form of palm leaves. The bird is reflected in a mirror fixed on the door inner side. Stop off the bird mechanism lever is on the stand left side. An aperture for the winding key is above the lever. The aperture can be closed with a rotating latch. The mechanism of the bird turns on at the beginning of each hour. The clock movement is in the upper tier. The engraved gilded dial shield with two white enamel dials is on the front side. Black minute divisions and Roman numerals indicating hours are on the upper hour dial. Three central Breguet hands show hours, minutes, and seconds. Below is the alarm clock dial with one central hand and hour divisions, indicated by Arabic numerals. Hour and half-hour striking, half-hour repeater is activated with a button on the case upper side. The bird and clock movements are connected by wire. Multiple-purpose key is in the set.