Carriage Clocks

Carriage clock with Grande Sonnerie, alarm and key

    Carriage clock with Grande Sonnerie, alarm and key


    circa 1860

    Bronze, glass, enamel; casting, gilding

    Height: 15.3 cm

    Mark on the mounting plate: "1174"


    Mechanical carriage clock in rectangular, artistically decorated yellow metal case, with the glassed façade, rear door and sides, with a carrying handle. The case facets, the case top and bottom surfaces are decorated with engraved floral and geometric patterns. White enamel dial; hours’ marks are black; hands are made of blued steel. The dial with two scales: the minutes’ one is divided into 60 graduations with Arabic numerals, the hours’ scale with 12 graduations and Roman numerals. The small dial is divided into 12 graduations with Arabic numerals. Pendulum mechanism with a lever escapement, three spring motors, an alarm clock and one bell chime.

    The switch with three positions: chime/repeat/alarm is in the case top part.

    Key winding and hands setting.