Carriage Clocks

Carriage clock with quarter repeaterand alarm

    Carriage clock with quarter repeaterand alarm

    Great Britain

    circa the 1880's

    C. Marcks & Co

    Brass, glass, enamel; gold-plating, painting, casting

    Height - 18 cm with a dropped handle

    Seller's mark on the dial: "C. Marcks & Co./Bombay & Paris", on the movement mounting plate: "1660"


    Mechanical carriage clock, in a right-angled gilt-brass case with glassed front and side panels, a rear access door, on a profiled base with a carrying handle.

    The clock case facets are decorated with Corinthian channelled columns with capitals in the shape of acanthus leaves, the "cornice" is shaped with a row of small right-angle wedges - denticles.

    The clock case corners are crowned with four pine-cone decorated small vases.

    The main dial and the alarm dial are black enamel; the hour scale marking is red on white enamel surface, clock hands are metal.

    The dial features two scales: a minute scale is split into 60 divisions; an hour scale is split into 12 divisions, with Roman numerals. The small dial of the alarm is split into 12 divisions featuring Arabic numerals. The dials are decorated with a floral pattern painting.

    Pendulum movement with English escapement, three barrel drums, a quarter repeater, two gongs for chime/repeater/alarm with eight days power reserve.

    A three position selector switch (Silent/Juarties only/Hoursand quartist) is in the clock base.

    The clock is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.

    Double-haed winding key.