Carriage Clocks

Carriage clock with grande and petite sonnerie, quarter repeater and alarm

    Carriage clock with grande and petite sonnerie, quarter repeater and alarm


    the 1880's

    Breguet, Abraham-Louis

    Brass, glass; gold-plating, silver-plating, stamping, casting, guilloche

    Height - 15.9 cm, dial diameter 11.4 cm

    Inscription on the dail: "Breguet 1829"; inscription on the movement plate: "Breguet 1829/15249"


    Mechanical carriage clock, in a right-angled artistically decorated gilt-brass case with glassed front and side panels, a rear access door, with a carrying handle.

    The clock base is decorated with palmette frieze, the "cornice" - with laurel leaves and flower rosettes. In the corners of the case there are pilasters with acanthus leaves on capitals and bases. The clock is crowned with four globe shaped knobs. The carrying handle is held by lion masks.

    The dials are surmounted on a gilt repousse background.

    The main dial and alarm dial are silver-plated, decorated with guilloche in the center; hours scale markings are black, the hands are of blued steel.

    The dial features two scales: minute scale is split into 60 divisions; hour scale is split into 12 divisions, with Roman numerals. The small alarm dial is split into 12 divisions with Arabic numerals.

    Pendulum movement with Swiss anchor escapement, alarm device, a quarter repeater on two gongs, three spring actuators.

    Three position selector switch (Gde Jonnerie/Jilence/Quarts) is in the clock base.

    The clock is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.

    Double-head winding key.