Carriage Clocks

Petite Sonnerie carriage clock with repeater

    Petite Sonnerie carriage clock with repeater


    early 20th century

    Brass, glass, enamel; gold-plating, casting, lacquer finishing, polishing

    Height - 18 cm


    Mechanical carriage clock, in a right-angled lacquered yellow metal case with glassed front and side panels, a rear access door, with a drop carrying handle.

    White enamel dial with black scale marking and metal clock hands.

    The dial is surmounted on a gilt-brass polished lacquered background and framed with white enamel thin rim with black scale graduations by Arabic numerals; with blued steel hands.

    Anchor pin escapement movement,  two spring actuators, double barrel drum, an hourly chime and a repeater on two gongs.

    Black leather travel case with repousse gilding and carrying handle is in the set.

    The clock is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands. Double head winding key grip.