Roller Organs and Organettes

Organette "Herophon I"

    Organette "Herophon I"

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1890

    Fabrik Leipziger Musikwerke vormals Paul Ehrlich & Co. AG

    Wood, metal, leather, paper; casting, printing, carpentry and mechanical work

    49 x 40 x 30 cm, 8 kg

    On the case front side: “HEROPHON”, in the top panel center: “HEROPHON”, “D.R.P. № 24074 und 25745 PATENT OF AMERICA, GREAT BRITAIN, OESTREICH und andere Lander”, under the portraits : “OFFENBACH”, “BEETHOVEN”, “WAGNER”, “MOZART”, “STRAUSS”


    Organette in wooden case with ornately shaped cornice chiseled vertical ribs and feet. Violet color inscription “HEROPHON” in paneled frame, metal crank with wooden handle are on the case front side. Ring-shaped paper sticker with polychromatic images of the composers with the inscriptions “OFFENBACH”, “BEETHOVEN”, “WAGNER”, “MOZART”, “STRAUSS” and bouquets of flowers is on the top panel. Disc with L-shaped support and arbour with detachable ornately shaped golden clamping bar is in the center, the tracker bar is fixed radially. Musical movement for twenty-four tones consists of a set of slotted freely vibrating reeds and is activated by the crank, air is pumped into the bellows, cardboard punched card with concentric perforation is immobile, and musical movement rotates, while the reading keys are passing beneath it. When apertures on the punched card coincide with the corresponding keys, certain valves open, air enters the slotted reeds and makes them sound.
    Music media: cardboard punched card.