Roller Organs and Organettes

Organette "Ariston"

    Organette "Ariston"


    Fabrik Leipziger Musikwerke vormals Paul Ehrlich & Co. AG

    Wood, fabric, leather; carpentry and mechanical work, turning work

    47.2 x 35 x 47.2 cm, disc 32.8 cm


    Organette in wooden case the finished with black piano lacquer, on ornately shaped socle and with cornice, with gilded frames and ornament on the top panel and lateral sides, with chiseled ribs and feet. Four apertures with decorative bushings, covered with fabric from the inner side, are on the front side. Detachable crank with black handle is on the right side. Two large apertures are on the left side. Two large and four small apertures with decorative bushings are on the case rear side. Driving disc with an arbour with four adjustable pins is on the top panel center, the key frame with clamping ornately shaped crossbar with relief golden color pattern is fixed radially. Musical movement for twenty-four tones is comprised of the set of freely vibrating slotted reeds, is activated by the crank, the air is pumped into the bellows, and a cardboard disc rotates, passing the keys. When an aperture and a key match, certain valves open and the air enters the slotted reeds and make them sound. Musical media: cardboard disc.