Roller Organs and Organettes

Organetta model «Ariston No12»

    Organetta model «Ariston No12»

    Germany, Leipzig

    late 19th – early 20th centuries

    Paul Ehrlich & Co

    Wood, metal, brass, silk, shellac; painting

    46.5 х 28 х 46.5 cm; disk 32.1 cm

    On the bottom: "Patent Ehrlichs 31124 Breveté s.q.d.g. tanlstimmen"

    Wooden case is covered with black shellac, on four chiselled feet. All sides and the top surface are decorated with rectangular golden frame with the elements of stylized ornament at the corners. An inscription in golden letters "Ariston" is  on one of the lateral sides. Three round apertures with brass edging are on the case lateral side. They are covered with red silk. Two wooden round handles are to the right. The upper surface of the lid is decorated with painted paper circle with an image of small children playing musical instruments. The music movement is located inside the item and is activated by rotation of the handle, on the case side. Air is blown in the leather windbags through a system of levers, a perforated paper disk on the case lid rotates, the levers underneath it fall down into apertures of the disc and open valves, allowing air to get to the audio element, freely vibrating reeds.

    Music record: cardboard disk.