Harmonium "Aéolian Orchestrelle model W "

    Harmonium "Aéolian Orchestrelle model W "

    Great Britain, London


    The Orchestrelle Company

    Wood (oak), metal, plastic, fabric (velvet), glass; turning, decalcomania, carving

    200 x 178 x 90 cm, 300 kg

    Inscription on the music stand inner side: “Aeolian Orchestrelle”; on the register buttons from left to right: “Double Bass”, “Contra Bass”, “Trombone”, “Oboe”, “Flute”, “Orchestral Flute”, “French Horn”, “Viola”, “Aeolian Harp”, “Muted Strings”, “Muted Strings”, “Aеolian Harp”, “Violin, French Horn”, “Orchestral Flute”, “Piccolo”, “Oboe”, “Trumpet”, “Tremulant”, “Re-Roll & Manual”



    Harmonium in the case in the form of a classical piano, oak wood veneered, with a stepped facade, a profiled cornice with a jagged ornament, on the support rollers. The case is decorated with carved elements in the form of columns, half-columns and pilaster of different orders with flutes, two vertical and one horizontal acoustic windows, which are closed from the inner side with burgundy velvet, are on the front side. The keyboard on the keyboard support is forced by column consoles, two shutters for changing the dynamic hues of the sound are under the keyboard, the pedals’ pneumatic device is below it. The keyboard with fifty-eight keys is closed by a double flap on two piano hinges with lock and music stand with golden color inscription on the inner side: “Aeolian Orchestrelle”. There are twenty round handles of register switches with inscriptions and speed regulator with the arrow and scale with numbers from 10 to 90 through 10 units and inscription “Indicator” on the key stop rail. The removable panel with decorative onlays on the sides and a window between them is above. It is closed by a sliding door with handle and glass in black frame. Roll driving mechanism with a tracker bar, receiving coil, a coil with music paper roll and wooden insert with hand-written numbers from 1 to 9 are installed inside. The right panel is a door with a pulley on the inner side. The kit includes a bench and 146 paper music rolls. Music media: paper music roll.