Harmonium "Aéolian Orchestrelle"

    Harmonium "Aéolian Orchestrelle"

    Great Britain, London


    Orchestrelle Company

    Wood (oak), metal, plastic, fabric (velvet), glass; turning, decalcomania, carving

    Inscription on music stand inner side: “Aeolian Orchestrelle”


    The case is wooden, veneered with oak and richly decorated by half-columns with fluting and volutes, Corinthian half-columns with acanthus leaves and capitals. Three panels are cover the façade middle part. The central one is a retractable door, hiding the mechanism – a paper roll covered with glass. Above the door with the mechanism and on the sides, the facade is decorated with rectangular perforated panels, covered with velvet burgundy cloth from the inner side. The keyboard is extended in front of the case on the key bottom support. Fifty-eight keys are on the keyboard. Top lid closes the keyboard; music stand is on its inner side.

    Twenty mechanical register handles with inscriptions are above the keyboard. On the left-hand side: Double Bass, Contra Bass, Trombone, Oboe, Flate, Orchestal Flute, French Horn, Viola, Aeolian Harp, Muted Strings, on the right-hand side - Murted Strings, Aеolian Harp, Violin, French Horn, Orchestal Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Trumpet, Tremulant, Re-Roll & Manual. Speed regulator “Indicator” is between the handles, with the scale from 10 to 90.