USA, New York


    Aeolian Company

    Wood, metal, fabric (silk); Carving

    184 х 170 х 90 cm


    Harmonium in wooden case, the upper part of the facade is divided into six carved panels, decorated with red silk from inside. Two carved pilasters are on the sides. A movable panel with a leather strap, which opens access to the cylinder, is in the top central part. Two figured brass candlesticks with golden candles are on the sides. The harmonium movement is activated by two foot-beaters. The piano-board consists of 64 keys. The manufacturer’s name "Aeolian Grand" is inscribed on the inner cover surface. There is a music stand for note sheets as well. Twenty-one register grips are above the piano board. To the left: Bourdon, Diapason, Viola, Sub Bass, Basson, Cello, Gamba, Corno Inglese, Dulcet Bass, Principal; to the right: Re Roll, Flautino, Dulcet Creble, Clarion, Seraphone, Cremona, Vox Celeste, Vox Humana , Clarabella, Melodia, Pneumatic to manual. Two plates are mounted between the registers. From above "Юлiй Генрихъ Циммерманъ Москва. С. Петербургъ. Лейпцигъ. Лондон", from below -"Jul. Heinz. Zimmerman Leipzig General Agent", as well as a scale with the inscription “Tempo Indicator patented". The graduation on the top 10-90, and below 15-85. The façade bottom part is decorated with carved columns. The set includes 150 cylinders. Music carrier: paper music roll.